How can I pay?

Cash and cheques only, At the moment we don’t accept card.

What if I’m delayed returning home?

We automatically add an additional 24 hours onto every board to accommodate for any unexpected delays (NB. If this additional board is not used, you will not be charged!). If you are going to be delayed longer than 24 hours we ask that you inform the kennels.

Are my pets insured during their stay?

All pets in our care are covered by the kennels own insurance. The cost of the insurance is included in the price. Please note our insurance does not cover pre-diagnosed/on-going illness.

How old does my pet have to be to board at Grove Boarding Kennels?

There is no age limit, young or old. Your pet just needs to be fully vaccinated and in good general health.

What vaccinations does my pet need when staying at the kennels?

Your pet must be up-to-date with its annual vaccinations throughout the year. This includes the kennel cough vaccine for dogs. For further information on vaccinations please see our section, You and Your Pet.

What if my pet needs medication?

If your pet is on medication we can continue to administer it for you. We will record the details of the medication when you arrive and ask you to sign a consent form. It is essential that medication arrives in its original container. If it is ongoing please ensure there is enough for their stay and extra in case you are delayed on your return journey. Pets that are on more than simple medication will not receive the discount for length of stay and will be charged at the 1-3 day rate no matter how long the stay is for.

How much notice do I need to give to make a booking?

The kennels remain busy throughout the year. Our extra busy times are during school holidays. We strongly advise 8 weeks notice to make a booking, but even with this length of time we cannot always guarantee accommodation. Please Note if you have not used the kennels and cattery before we can only accept a certain number of new clients per year. A good time to book for the first time is in our quieter periods which are November and January.

Are you a licenced dog boarding kennels?

Yes we are licenced by the Local Authority to ensure we keep our high standards.

How often will you walk my dog?

We walk every dog at least twice a day, however you can also have extra long walks and extra walks a day, please speak to our staff arrange this.

Do I need to bring food for my dog?

yes, simply because we prefer your dog to maintain its usual diet and to feel as much at home as possible. We can supply food, this would be at an additional charge onto of the boarding fees also clients are welcome to bring there own bedding to ensure their dogs feel as homely as possible, however we can supply bedding.

have a big dog will I be charged more?

No, we do not charge extra for our larger friends.

Can I bring my dogs favourite toy?

Of course! We want to make their stay as fun as possible, so you are welcome to bring their toys or beds. All are provided but having your own things is always nice!


We need to reiterate that dogs must have a full up to date vaccination certificate including kennel cough or admission will be refused and no refund will be given.


If you have a question we are happy to help, please call: 01429 836 315